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联爵科技有限公司 于2011在香港成立。公司成立之初就立志为中国存储业做出贡献,坚持客户至上的理念和服务意识,全面为客户提供一站式的仓储解决方案。我们与世界一流Memory厂商紧密合作.代理分销产品线分别 日本: 东芝/铠侠 韩国:三星、SK hynix、美国: 镁光、台湾:南亚、金士顿、SandiskWinbondMXIC中国:紫光 兆易创新 等存储厂商紧密合作,积极开拓各种存储产品的新市场,并为客户提供最佳的配套方案。我们服务于电子消费品、汽车导航、工业控制设备、医疗设备,以及人工智能、人脸识别、物联网等新兴产业模块。我们服务的客户有:DJIFibocomICETECHFLEXBYD等。我们的产品有:存储颗粒,如Nand FlashDDR3DDR4 LPDDR3LPDDR4EMMCUFSEMCP等;存储卡,如TF卡、U盘、Flash盘、SSD等。我们与主要的主控制造商合作,如RockchipsAllwinnerMTKQualcommBrodcomSunplusAmlogic,海思认证和检测服务,为客户提供优质售后服务。

UNIONGE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. was founded in November 2011 in HK, the capital of electronics. At the beginning of its establishment, it was determined to make a contribution to China's storage industry, adhering to the idea of customer priority and service awareness, providing customers with one-stop storage solutions in an all-round way. We cooperate closely with storage factories such as Toshiba/KIOXIA, Samsung, SK hynix, Micron,  Kingston, Sandisk NanyaWinbondMXICUniICGigaDevice etc. to actively explore new markets in various storage products, and also provide customers with the best matching scheme.

We have served electronic consumer products, vehicle navigation, industrial control equipment, medical equipment, as well as new industries such as artificial intelligence, face recognition, Internet of Things modules and so on. We have served customers such as: DJI, Fibocom, ICETECH, FLEX, BYD and so on.

Our products are: storage granules such as Nand Flash, DDR3, DDR4 LPDDR3, LPDDR4, EMMC, UFS, EMCP, etc; storage cards such as TF card, U disk, flash disk, SSD, etc. We cooperate with major main control manufacturers such as Rockchips, Allwinner, MTK, Qualcomm, Brodcom, Sunplus, Amlogic, Hisilicon to do a good job in certification and testing services. So that customers can use it simply and safely.